ARGH! The polygons!

Anyone replay FF7 recently? They need to remake this game so I can replay it without my eyes melting and pooling around my feet.



7 thoughts on “ARGH! The polygons!

  1. I place FF7 in the category of games that I once enjoyed due to not knowing any better, and there is no way I will ever come near it again. I find that as far as jrpgs go it’s one of the least loathsome, but that’s akin to saying you’d rather have diarrhea poured in your left ear instead of up your nose.
    Trust me, you don’t want to replay this. Nostalgia is better left alone.

    Unless of course you enjoy jrpgs, in which case I will have to stab you in one of your kidneys.
    Then I will force you to play through Planescape Torment until you have tried every single course of action and read every single line of dialog, at which point you will be redeemed (and really old).

  2. Oh snap!

    I dunno, I had an NES and I played Final Fantasy I when it first came out, and I’ve been playing them ever since. RPG practically means Final Fantasy to me, since other than Dragon Quest it dominated the genre at the time.

    Although, I have played Planescape Torment and it was indeed awesome.

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