More robot, and Mr. Squidly

Two dudes, to make up for the past few days where I neglected my dudinal duty in favor of a more scholarly travail.


No pencil for this one, nothing but pen (hence the shit-wheels)

Mr. Squidly

I understand that it is technically Thorsday and these are not vikings. For me this is still wednesday so eat it. You’ll get yer gotamn vyeking.

EDIT by yann: Good sir, I have moved all our posts to the previous day (wednesday). Even though the spirit of thorsday is not tarnished, it is untidy to leave them among the mighty vikings.


2 thoughts on “More robot, and Mr. Squidly

  1. Thorsday does not start until you wake up in it.

    If you don’t go to sleep on wednesday and just stay awake all thursday, you’ll have missed Thorsday and your week will be much less awesome as a result.
    Also, on the day you die, your soul will be beat up by Valkyries for each Thorsday you missed.

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