Tiny Viking

look ! he’s mad and rdy to kill =p



4 thoughts on “Tiny Viking

  1. he kinda makes me think of Pix and Blunder from Legend…you know the two little goblins that hung around with Blix…Darkness’s main goblin… u guys know, right???

    kinda makes me wonder what ever happened to Tim Curry…

  2. hmm, he really don’t look like Pix or Blunder (aren’t they more goblin-like with long nose and long ears?) but if you say so =p

    I’d say he looks more like a fat brownie ! (hurray for Willow)

  3. ehh nope….the fact that he makes me think of them doesn’t mean he has to look exactly like them…Blix has the long pointy ears and nose … Pix & Blender don’t… one is basically a walking helmet with horns and the other is a chubby little thing with a snout… anyway

    ahh Willow now that is one fantasy movie I still need to buy

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