Jean Théberge classes are boring…!



Yeah…the only thing I am able to do in his class is to draw…


10 thoughts on “Jean Théberge classes are boring…!

  1. So it’s a good class then.

    You have to hand it to the man, he manages to be so incredibly boring that it makes your imagination work overtime to compensate.

  2. I remember doing some of my best pictures in that class! My tech aspects notebook is more full of drawings than my sketchbook.

  3. It was funny today when he was trying to get people to pay attention and everyone had their heads down doodling.

    You’re in his technical aspects class?

  4. Yeah!!….I can’t stand his power point anymore !!!

    Didn’t he realised that reading, word for word, 80 power point pages during 4 hours it’s not good for anybody, him included ?!!

  5. I don’t think he realizes how decremental that is to everyone’s mental health. Jean just really, really, really likes Power Point. I’m pretty sure that class left me with brain damage though, I cant remember anything from his section of the class, but I would have no problem telling you how the Oxberry works.

  6. hehehehe ahhh first year…. those power points are brutal… we used to hate that class… u show up in the morning at 8:45 and know that ur in for 4 hours of power pointing with Jean, i don’t think anybody was doodling but i did hear a snore from time to time. In our case we spent all year doing stuff that didin’t really help us much and then at the end we get to ToonBoom…everyone is excited cuz we still had CTP right… and what does Jean do:

    “eh i don’t know this program very well cuz i first opened it up yesterday so just try to import some pictures if u want… and stick the rock pic infront of the bicyclepic which goes in front of the forest pic….

    we were outraged

    i m sorry i m bitching, Jean is a nice guy but a questionable teacher…wait till u guys get to do ur third year film with him

    Yann knows….

    “why a girl, why not a bicycle???”

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