The week in sketches

I should have done this on monday, but monday eluded me. It’s the sneakiest day of the week.

The last week in sketches, because I’m too lazy to post them one at a time.

Shifty looking individuals with dubious taste in clothes!

Mutant space baby punting!

References to odd webcomics!

A mediocre thorsday!

Some random chick with an axe!

Random swampy people!

And that is all. UNTIL MONDAY.

Also, Jamie, please try not to break the fabric of time and space. I have seen what you have done (you sneaky, sneaky mans), and it’s these kinds of shenanigans that result in horrible tearing of the paper thin dimensional walls that separate us from realms of pure cosmic terror. I enjoy a little bit of cosmic terror as much as the next man, but what are we going to do with whole universes full of the stuff? Think of all the other dimensions that will be short on cosmic terror because of your screwing with causality. Think of all those little children in other worlds that will never know true horror. Poor little buggers.


2 thoughts on “The week in sketches

  1. If I have to tear the lacy fabric of space-time in order to achieve my goals, then so be it! I would much rather live in a world overrun with cosmic terror then live in a world were I have failed. Of course there’s no guaranteeing that there would be a world in the former scenario, but I don’t care. I’m selfish like that.

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