The week in sketches (sort of)

I was going to do this on monday, but I was busy travelling through time.

Also it’s missing friday (which is still lost in time).

Now behold these wonders no longer confined to the time stream.


A man! Pointing! Also he may have a weapon, which is irrelevant as the emphasis is clearly on the pointing!

It’s a plane! It’s a bird! Wait no! What!

Fat gator thing with long snout! Fat gator thing with long snout! FGTWLS!

Goggles! It is believed that zey do nothing, BUT I DISAGREE!

Bread is dangerous! Long knives make bread safe!

Steak is even more dangerous! It is vital to use long range forks!

Last thorsday!

And we’re done!

Exclamation marks are pretty intense!

I can’t bring myself to use more than one though! It feels sick and perverted to use multiple exclamation marks! I hear it’s also one of the leading causes of cervical cancer! So don’t do it! Unless you’re a man I guess, because I don’t think men can get cervical cancer! What with not having a cervix and all! I suppose you could find some sort of science genius to graft one then get cancer on it, but that seems very convoluted!


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